Test Knit Opportunities

Are you interested in testing out a pattern for Great Northern? Head on over to the Testing Pool on Ravelry to sign up for: The Last Evening, an asymmetrical poncho inspired by the large fringed scarf worn by Maddy as she sneaks out of the Palmer house Starts With a J, a cute, textured collar … Continue reading Test Knit Opportunities

Kickstarter Rewards: Yarn bundles, part 1

Here are some of the vintage yarn rewards that will be available once our Kickstarter campaign launches on September 9th. I hand-picked it from sealed plastic containers, and it’s all in pristine condition and really fun stuff! Bright Turquoise Mohair– 360g of two bright turquoise shades. Colinette– 4 skeins of vintage Colinette yarn. 400g Mohair– … Continue reading Kickstarter Rewards: Yarn bundles, part 1

More Yarn Support!

I recently got some very exciting packages in the mail. These two yarns will soon be sweaters for Great Northern! Harrisville Highland   Fancy Tiger Crafts Heirloom Romney Teresa has also recently posted some of her¬†designs for the collection (two of them are finished!), and they are so beautiful! More sketches and photos are in … Continue reading More Yarn Support!

Great Northern Rewards: WORK+SHELTER ethical outsourcing

Some of our fabulous rewards for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign will be collaborations with ¬†WORK+SHELTER, an amazing organization that provides training, well-paying work, a safe environment, and a number of educational services for women in India. Click the link above to learn more about these women. If you want to hire folks to produce handmade … Continue reading Great Northern Rewards: WORK+SHELTER ethical outsourcing