July Update

Hello backers, friends and family! After some major issues with our printer, I finally have a date to start printing later this week. The process of printing and folding and binding the book takes about a week. I will then pick them up on or around Friday the 13th (eeep!) and start shipping as soon … Continue reading July Update

April Update

It’s still happening. Hang in there kittens. I thought I was done, but the math keeps pulling me back in!!! It’s getting very, very close. I’m on Too Dreamy, the last pattern, and it is giving me sass. Naturally. The next update will be much more exciting. ❤ Leah   Continue reading April Update

March Update

*Mrs. Doubtfire voice* Heellllooooooo! After a hard few weeks of health stuff and job stuff, I quit my sales job so I can focus on finishing this bad boy full-time. Did I mention I miss coffee? I am not sure exactly what happened to my brain in the last couple years (besides the absence of … Continue reading March Update

January Update

In this episode of Great Northern Updates, we’ve got an ask, a tell, and an update for you. If you were one of the 300+ people who donated to our Kickstarter campaign, we’d like to thank you by printing your name in our book. If you’re cool with that, please let us know so we … Continue reading January Update

December Update

Greetings, friends of Great Northern! Here’s hoping that wherever you are, you’re cozy and warm and surrounded by family, friends and crafts. We’re still chugging along on the book. Have a Happy Holiday season and a wonderful new year! Let’s make this one infinitely better than the last. We’ll see you in 2018! ❤ Leah … Continue reading December Update