Kickstarter Rewards: Yarn bundles, part 1

Here are some of the vintage yarn rewards that will be available once our Kickstarter campaign launches on September 9th. I hand-picked it from sealed plastic containers, and it’s all in pristine condition and really fun stuff! Bright Turquoise Mohair– 360g of two bright turquoise shades. Colinette– 4 skeins of vintage Colinette yarn. 400g Mohair– … Continue reading Kickstarter Rewards: Yarn bundles, part 1

Henley Sneak Peek

When Leah and I started comparing notes and brainstorming cohesive designs for Great Northern, she was a bit surprised that I found inspiration in the character and wardrobe of Norma. I’ll be speaking more in a few weeks about why I like Norma so much, but for now I just wanted to touch on one … Continue reading Henley Sneak Peek

Pullover Sneak Peek

I’ve been knitting away on a sweater for our Twin Peaks-inspired collection,¬†and wanted to give you a peek. Over the next few weeks, leading up to our Kickstarter launch mid-August, Teresa and I will be filling you in on what we’ve been working on so far. I completely fell in love with these two colors … Continue reading Pullover Sneak Peek