Early Check-In KAL

They’re here! Participate in one (or more!!) of our Early Check-In KALs. There’s a thread for each design. #GreatNorthernKAL The KALs run from Nov 7 – Jan 9. We wanted to give you 9 weeks to get some serious knitting done! Prizes will be available; to be eligible, you simply have to post a photo … Continue reading Early Check-In KAL

Summer Quarterly Update

Us Great Northern ladies have been up to SO MUCH since our last update in March. We’ve held the first of two photoshoots! This first location had a great woodsy setting, complete with some Pacific Northwest-esque rain on our last day. Top: Teresa is wearing Jelly Donuts (in Julie Asselin’s Leizu Worsted yarn). Bottom: Leah … Continue reading Summer Quarterly Update